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Changing your life with the decisions you make

Our lives are shaped by the countless decision we make every day. Every action we take is a decision to not take another. Every single decision we made before this very moment shaped our life up till now. Right now, the decision to read this or not will shape your thinking one way or the other.

Last night I had to make a decision between attending a workshop where I will meet interesting people vs staying at home to finish up all the work that piled up while I was sick the past few days. It was not an easy choice. My wife will have to take care of our little boy (9.5 months old) alone while I’m away. It’s a 4-5 hours commitment including traveling time. I decided to go anyway..

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Social Media Has Evolved. Have You Caught Up?

I think you would agree with me that social networking platforms has changed A LOT since the days of Friendster and Myspace.

It used to be more about me. It’s often about asking for testimonials about ME, creating MY personal customised space, etc..

Today, not only do we have more platforms, there are also a lot of different ways of using it. Ranging from professional networking with LinkedIn, photo-centric Instagram, short and sweet Twitter, Security/Privacy focused Snapchat, the almighty Facebook, and narrowly niched ones like social networking sites for the affluent.

So, what’s the purpose of social media?

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What masturbation, booze, and $500 taught me about habits

What if someone offered you a chance to win $500 if you go off alcohol and masturbation for an entire month? Would you take up the offer?

Apparently, it’s a great offer and more than 5000 people responded. The mastermind of this? Tim Ferriss. The gathering place: Lift. The name of the challenge: NOBNOM (No Booze, No Masturbation).

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How to Enjoy what you Hate to do

How many times have you complained about something only to reminisce about it after you’ve been through it?

Think school times. We complained about stupid teachers, boring homework, stressful exams, and idiotic bullies right? How many times have you said that you miss school ever since? Or if you have not left school, how many times have you heard someone said something to this tune?

Think National Service* (NS). EVERYONE complains about how tough or how meaningless or even how they suffered in NS. But when you see a bunch of guys get started on a topic about NS, you know they are about to go on and on and on (me included) and they always laugh about it rather than sulk.

*National Service refers to the compulsory military service required of all male citizens. 

Think parenting. “Taking care of the baby is a breeze. It’s so easy and does not disrupt my life” said no parent ever.

Said no parents ever

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A Non-Average Birthday on Facebook

Since I’m neither a celebrity nor a pretty girl with sexy photos, the number of views I get on my Facebook profile on a normal day is probably zero. But once a year, I get lots of friends posting on my wall.

Yup, on my birthday. That one day I actually get noticed and stand out for a few short hours. I’m not going to lie, it’s really nice to get friends and families to shower you with attention even if it’s just 3 words: “Happy Birthday”.

Oh.. that’s only 2 words.

I used to have this policy where I reply with a personalised message to each of these birthday wishes. It took me hours to go through each of them and writing back something unique and relevant to them. I loved the process as it rekindles some of these friendship that I have lost touch with, especially those that I don’t see regularly.

Then, I got busier and it’s no longer possible to do those unique responses without neglecting other important things. So last year, instead of a unique response each, I thanked everyone in one long Facebook post.

This year, I really want to make it different. I want to do something that is not about ME.

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